Finance, Airlines, and Telecom Prove Most ‘Socially Devoted’ Industries on Twitter

“Social listening” — the practice of brands tuning in to what customers are saying to them and about them on social media — is a hot topic, and we’ve talked a lot about the increasing importance of brand responsiveness. While many companies are working to increase and improve their ability to address consumer questions, comments, and concerns via networks like Twitter, some brands are already way ahead of the pack when it comes to engaging their digital followers, and have made great strides of late.

According to Socialbakers, which has been measuring brand responsiveness on Twitter since the fourth quarter of 2012, companies in the finance, airline, and telecom industries dominate the Twitterverse with respect to effective and quick responses (we wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that these industries often make us want to tear our hair out, and therefore have much to gain by providing excellent customer care). While the latest stats prove that these businesses continue to lead the charge, some under-performing industries like retail have recently shown notable improvement.

In fact, every industry studied has shown at least some improvement in their Twitter response rates, demonstrating that brands are recognizing the importance of social media interactions.

As you can see, the finance and retail industries demonstrated the greatest improvement in the first quarter of 2013, increasing their response rates by 35.4% and 28.6%, respectively. This does not necessarily mean, however, that all top performing brands are part of the top-performing industries. For instance, though the fashion industry is the middle ground, Nike is #4 on the Worldwide list of Socially Devoted Twitter Brands, which is otherwise filled with telecom and airline companies. If you’re curious about how specific brands perform, check out this Socialbakers page.

“Twitter enables a certain open conversation, and allows brands to address their customers’ needs immediately and directly. More and more brands are appreciating the value of utilizing social media, and Twitter in particular, to relate to their customers and address their concerns. These companies should be celebrated,” said Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers.

As brands continue to build and tweak their social media strategies to keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations, we look forward to seeing how the above statistics change quarter to quarter.

What about you, readers? Are you working on your company’s social media strategy? How are you addressing the challenges of keeping up with your Twitter interactions? We’d love to hear from you!




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