Finalists’ Design Plans Released for St. Louis Arch Competition


After its launch back in December and various shortlist and judging panel teases throughout the spring and early summer, the “Framing a Modern Masterpiece” effort by the city of St. Louis and the National Park Service to renovate, reconstruct, and reinvigorate the area surrounding Eero Saarinen‘s iconic Gateway Arch, has finally released renderings by the five finalists vying for the job. We knew the project was a big deal, but really had no idea the sheer size of its scope until seeing these new images. While, like with all sky’s-the-limit original plans, we’re sure whoever wins the competition (announced September 24th of this year) will have to deal with various alterations and budgetary trims, seeing these ideas makes us appreciate the effort all the more, and ups the excitement tenfold, knowing that one of these will actually be happening. So go browse around and marvel the soon-to-be majesty of St. Louis. And if you happen to be wandering around the Midwest in the next month, make sure to check out the traveling exhibition that will be showing off all five plans.