Fight the Magazine Wars, etc., etc.

If you’re not a regular reader of the D.C. Examiner (and we don’t know too many people who are), you may not be aware of how staggeringly boring Karen Feld’s gossip column is on an almost daily basis. It’s sort of like what Wonkette would be if you took away the sex jokes and the “humor.”

Today Feld breaks the big news that there are three new luxury magazines coming to the city. (You might remember that from the Post’s giant article on Monday or from reading just about anything else about Washington in the last two months.) In her item today, Feld even gets many of the details right, except that one of the magazines is called “D.C.” not Modern Luxury, which is the company that’s publishing it. Also Jason Binn’s Niche Media is publishing the magazine, but Paige Bishop is the publisher.

Stay tuned, though, for bigger and better things. Personally, we can’t wait for her report on all the unreliable rumors around the future of the Reliable Source column. Maybe once she clears that off her plate, she can get to work on an item for next week about two bloggers getting married.