Fie, Helvetica, Fie

edid583.jpgStill haven’t seen Good Night and Good Luck (too busy waiting in line–again–for the Kong), but luckily for us, the typographers have. And they’ve been paying attention. According to yesterday’s First Gray Lady Of The Year, a couple “industry” people are less than thrilled about the use of Helvetica as the CBS font. Which appears everywhere. Which is a little offputting given that the movie takes place in the early fifties and Helvetica wasn’t invented until 1957. That’s only strike one, though. LA Confidential, designer Mark Simonson says, is “pretty mediocre in its use of type,” while BFF-of-the-year says the Helvetica on the Titanic dials is like if Kate Winslet carried around a palm pilot. Chocolat might just be the biggest type-loser, though, and Mark Simonson is unpsyched:

Though the film takes place in 1950’s France, in a close-up shot of a public notice, the headline is set in ITC Benguiat, which he said made its debut in 1978 and was popular mainly in the 80’s.

Seriously, guys. Duh.