Female White House Spokesperson Has Trouble With Boy Military Stuff

It’s tough to understand boy things like weapons and warfare if you’re a girl. So said White House spokesperson Dana Perino in a recent Fox News interview with Chris Wallace (shown above).

Perino complained that she had difficulty understanding military and defense issues as a woman:

“Some of the terms I just don’t know, I haven’t grown up knowing. The type of missiles that are out there: patriots and scuds and cruise missiles and tomahawk missiles. And I think that men just by osmosis understand all of these things, and they’re things that I really have to work at — to know the difference between a carrier and a destroyer, and what it means when one of those is being launched to a certain area.”

Although we’re assuming the reason for Perino’s admission was to humanize herself during a televised interview, it backfired. The last thing we want is a White House spokesperson who publicly admitted to not knowing the difference between a carrier and destroyer before taking the job.

In a previous interview, Perino admitted to not knowing what the Cuban Missile Crisis was.