Feirstein fired up

In his semi-regular New York Observer column, screenwriter/journalist/inventor of the line “real men don’t eat quiche” (seriously) Bruce Feirstein grouses about the Los Angeles Times. You know the drill: out of touch with the community, panders to the East Coast media establishment, Michael Kinsley, etc.

Every morning at 5:30 a.m., I’m awakened by the thwack of newspapers being delivered to the block where I’m living in L.A. It’s in a neighborhood called Hancock Park-roughly the equivalent of Bronxville, or Carnegie Hill in Manhattan-where the residents are mainly doctors, lawyers and stockbrokers, with a smattering of show-business trash. Yet of the 20 homes on this block, while four get The New York Times, only three receive the L.A. paper. That’s right: In an upscale, Democrat-voting neighborhood, where every home should get the local paper, the vast majority of them don’t.

Feirstein does give kudos to Dan Neil and Steve Lopez and claims that “with each passing day, the paper actually seems to be getting better under the new editor, Dean Baquet.” Anyway, none of these is even newsworthy, and maybe I should stop reporting on the LAT criticism mini-industry until someone comes up with something new to say. Anyway, I love the image of Bruce Feirstein snooping around his neighbors’ stoops at dawn to figure out who gets which papers.