Tetris Online’s Feevo Blaze for Facebook Adds Some Heat to Puzzle Game Recipes

Tetris Online Inc. is looking to spark some competition with the likes of Bejeweled Blitz. Its latest game, Feevo Blaze, is a puzzle title that combines match-three mechanics with pachinko and power-ups. It launched in early October.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Feevo Blaze currently has 590,000 monthly active users and 120,000 daily active users.

Feevo Blaze challenges players to clear as many blocks as possible from an ever-filling game board in 60 seconds. In order to do this, players must match at least three same-colored blocks in any direction. Doing this causes them to disappear from the board and reward players with points. Combining four same-colored blocks in this fashion fuses them into one flaming block. When it’s combined with two blocks of the same color, they explode in a flash of lightning, clearing a entire row or rows, depending on the shape and orientation formed. When a flaming block is combined with three or more of the same color, it creates a bomb. When clicked, the bomb destroys an entire row in four directions. It’s also possible to form a bomb by combining five or more blocks of the same color at any time.

When blocks are cleared using lightning and explosions, it creates glowing balls that drop down the left and right sides of the screen. These bounce off bumpers, as in a pachinko machine, until they drop into troughs at the bottom of the screen. These spots have different point values, and players are rewarded depending on which ones the balls drop into. There are also coin switches the balls can hit, which reward players with bonus coins. Coins are generally awarded at the end of each game, and depend on the total points achieved by the player. Coins can be used to purchase power-ups, including ones that ignite random blocks at the beginning or the game, mix them up creating chain reactions, and so on.

Players earn experience points for each game, and these go towards leveling up. When they level up, players gain access to a wider selection of power-ups. These items can be equipped, up to several per game, and automatically deduct from the player’s coin total.

Players can invite their friends to play Feevo Blaze, which allows them to see each other’s high scores and serves as a way to multiply the number of coins players can win in weekly tournaments. This is in addition to other social features such as sending/receiving gifts and bragging about high scores using viral channels.

Feevo Blaze is monetized by players purchasing additional coins using Facebook Credits, as well as more energy, which is required in order to play at the rate of one energy unit per game. Energy replenishes itself at the rate of one unit every five minutes, should players not wish to purchase more. The game also allows them to purchase one- and seven-day unlimited energy using Facebook Credits.

You can follow Feevo Blaze’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.