Featured Facebook Campaigns: 1-800 Flowers, Weight Watchers, 24 Hour Fitness, H&R Block and Applebee’s

Engaging users with New Year’s festivities was a big theme on our round up the featured Facebook campaigns this week. We spoke to IFeelGoods about their use of Credits as buying incentives. Then we saw Weight Watchers promoting its services, as well as 24 Hour Fitness, and Applebee’s as part of 2012 musts. Finally, there was H&R Block, which launched a TV/Facebook campaign lauding its services to help customers find extra money in their tax returns.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

IFeelGoods’ 1-800 Flowers Case Study

Goal: Network Exposure, Engagement, Product Purchase

Method: Utilizing IFeelGoods’ technology, 1-800 Flowers offered customers 25 Facebook Credits and 15% off a Valentine’s Day purchase.

Core Mechanic: This offer was supported by ads on Facebook, but is at the core of what IFeelGoods co-founder and CEO Michael Amar told us is the company’s emergent specialty. The overlap between social gamers an online buyers is high, he told us and  in majority of people using Credits are women.

The 200-plus campaigns the company has supported in the past year and a half have been aimed at finding different ways to incentivize purchases using Credits. As Credits have expanded beyond games, enabling users to also watch movies, attend concerts, or interact with their favorite TV shows, Amar told us that Credits are beginning to displace other, more traditional incentives for customers.

“Instead of using coupons, you can use Credits,” he said, pointing out a very interesting tactic brands may now use in conjunction with his company’s technology. Brands that by ads on Facebook mentioning the availability of Credits to customers, see a double-to-triple increase in traffic.

“They want Facebook Credits so much that they share with their friends,” he told us, noting that in some cases the strives as much as 30% more users. “People are addicted to Credits, so they will keep following the brand to get more Credits, so we see there is a loyalty play.”

Impact: In the case of 1-800 Flowers, the IFeelGoods promotion resulted in 4,000 orders, a doubling of the Facebook Page Likes, and a 250% increase in Wall posts, according to company numbers. PageData shows us that, since this promotion, the Page has grown even more to 291,500 Likes, even picking up a bump in the past few weeks.

Weight Watchers’ Believe Campaign

Goal: Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty, Engagement, Network Exposure

Method: The app features several videos from spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson, several  success stories of customers, information about how to sign up, and bulletin board for users to participate, and other information.

Core Mechanic: The app has been promoted in the news feed, and engages users by asking them their health goals in 2012. The content also promotes the company’s specials for potential customers in the new year, such as signing up for free.

Impact: The Page currently has 854,600 Likes and PageData shows a recent spike in the number of Likes on the Page.

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