Fearing Nikki Finke

NikkiFinke.jpgThe very same Hollywood executives who likely dismissed bloggers as a passing fad are now terrified of one: Nikki Finke, founder of Deadline Hollywood Daily.

The former newspaper reporter started Deadline Hollywood Daily three years ago and turned it into a must-read for anyone in the entertainment business.

David Carr of The New York Times wrote a long profile of Finke, complete with some juicy quotes from friends, foes and Finke herself.

From Mail.com Media’s Jay Penske (Mail.com Media acquired Deadline Hollywood Daily last month):

She has one of the quickest minds I have ever seen and is one of the funniest people I have ever met.

From Joe Donnelly, who edited Finke’s column at LA Weekly:

It is not a great mystery how all of this happened. It happened because Nikki willed it to happen through a lot of hard work. She is not afraid of new technology and new ideas. She saw this coming.

From Los Angeles Times entertainment reporter Patrick Goldstein:

She has attacked me in a very personal way, but I give her total props because she has shown what works on the Web.

From unnamed studio communications executives:

I’d prefer not to ever deal with her.

She gave me a nervous breakdown.

She terrifies me.

There’s no percentage in me saying anything to you about Nikki no matter what it is.

From Finke:

I don’t bully and terrify people. I’m not mean, I just write mean.

I’d like to think that people read me because they find out things that are true and that they didn’t know. If I was just some kind of car wreck who got all sorts of things wrong, I don’t think they’d be reading.

I just don’t go out to industry events, in part because it puts my sources in an awkward situation. The other thing about going out with these people is that when it comes time to cover something involving them, they say, “But, Nikki, we’re friends.” I don’t want those kind of friends.