Your Weekend Beach Read, Courtesy of the FCC

Ready for a little beach blanket uh-oh? Then have we got the mobile device, PDF download for you.

The FCC document we’re recommending was released Thursday. It’s titled “The Information Needs of Communities: The Changing Media Landscape in a Broadband Age,” is 450 pages long, and can be bookmarked here. For those of you too scared to look under the FCC hood, here are a few summary SoCal gleanings.

The watchdog actually manages to negatively frame the LA Times‘ Pulitzer Prize winning Bell scandal series, bemoaning the fact that the fat cat city salaries were being doled out for five years before the paper blew the whistle in 2010. Millions in taxpayer dollars could have been saved, the FCC suggests, if only for the presence of a Bell city assigned reporter.

Predictably, the assignment editor priorities of LA’s local TV  newscasts take a major hit, while John Carroll‘s recollection about when he first heard the newspaper term “harvest strategy” (pg. 38) is priceless. The FCC report is a thorough, thought-provoking must-read for anyone interested in the future of local news, with all kinds of USC studies and other pertinent data sourced. If you can’t scroll it at the beach, make sure you check it out at some point.