Interactive Map: Watch The F-Bomb Drop On Twitter In Real Time

fbomb map on twitter

Have you ever sworn in a tweet? Maybe once when you were frustrated a some poor customer service, or your commute, or even in elation at your favorite TV show being renewed?

Apparently, lots… and lots… and lots of people aren’t afraid to let loose and drop the F-bomb publicly on Twitter. And there’s a new app that can show you – in real time – where and when these swears are going down.

The site shows you a map of where in the world the F-bomb is being used on Twitter, right now.

Not only does this map show you where and when the F-bomb hits the Twitterverse, it also displays little pins wherever the swear popped up, which you can click and view the full tweet in all of its cursing glory.

map of twitter fbomb

Take a look at the F-bomb dispersal across the United States. It looks like some states have more of a potty-mouth than others! New York, for instance, is a big user of the F-word, probably the biggest in the US. In fact, the entire Eastern side of the States appears to have a penchant for cursing, especially compared to those on the West Coast. was created by Martin Gingras, a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Paired with the site, which hosts the swear map, is the @Fbomb_co Twitter account, which randomly tweets the swear-riddled content.

(Swear word image via Shutterstock)