FBLA Exclusive: Maria Bamford


Funny lady Maria Bamford sat down with us for a little Q&A:

FBLA: We love your sitcom. We really do! Will our fawning over you make you uncomfortable?

MB: First of all, I love you. In the for-realest way possible. And no, fawning makes me feel necessary and gives my life added meaning beyond being a Fan of Netflix.

FBLA: If you were not a comic, what would you most want to be?

MB: This is a question I ask myself almost daily and here are the ones I’ve seriously looked into: LAPD (went through the 1st interview- backed out upon thinking about guns), Librarian (found after volunteering at the Los Feliz Library that it is a combination of IT and customer service and staying very quiet- not my favorite activities), Child Psychologist (went to Grad School Seminar at Northridge and Everyone Seemed Kind of Boring and Lame- something to think about), Teacher (emergency certified and discovered it’s 8 hours in front of a Mad, Drunk Crowd). The new ones are Secretary at a Really Fun Place, Nurse (went through LACC orientation and still feel on board) and then, the most likely fit, Dragon.

FBLA: Who are your top 5 favorite comedians?

MB: Today, at 10 AM- they are- (but my philosophy is that of The Artist’s Way type: ALL ARTISTS ARE MY FAVORITES- I LOVE COMEDY! ALL KINDS! Even if it’s not my style, I love comedians and their work and feel like everything is beautiful and superb.)

Jen Kirkman– beautiful stories- can watch for hours
Jackie Kashian– ditto
Paula Poundstone– incredible crowd work- just saw her in Irvine talking about being millions in debt
Emo Phillips– beautiful jokes- new ones every time
Janeane Garofalo – thoughtful and am jealous of her ability to say what she thinks and back it up

FBLA: If you could tell a bunch of LA journalists and media types anything, what would it be?

MB: Thank you for paying thoughtful attention to all of us- especially those who aren’t in showbiz or who are only affiliated by zipcode. This is a great city. Hoorah!

FBLA: What’s not funny?

MB: If one person thinks it’s funny, then it’s funny (in my opinion). I don’t think there’s anything that can’t have laughs. I just read that “WHAT IS THE WHAT” book about the guy fleeing the Sudan and despite always being about to die in a horrible way and having everyone die around him- there are a lot of funny moments. There’s some stuff I don’t find funny but I don’t think that means that it’s not. Por ejemplo, the ironically racist or actually racist joke. I’m not totally on board- but some people see them as freeing from the taboo of “what everyone’s thinking but not saying”. I guess I don’t want to think that I (or anyone else) thinks racist-ly. Also, I wonder if saying something racist (ironically or not) in a mostly one-ethnicity audience- is racist- or would make the ethnicity being made fun of, feel really uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean it’s not funny. To a lot of people.

FBLA: What are you working on now?

MB: Estoy trabajando on a small book of non-fiction – based on the Superdeluxe webseries episode, “DARK”. Tambien, I am hoping to do a DVD. Por supuesto, I also hope to make a TV show for the internet with a bunch of other people, but that is still en el horno.

FBLA: Thanks Maria! I really appreciate your time!

MB: No problem and thank YOU for your time! I’m really grateful for your interest!

To keep tabs on Maria and all her haps – go to her site!