FBLA EXCLUSIVE: How Ray Richmond Got the Studio 60 Story


When Ray Richmond isn’t bashing actresses of a certain age, he’s reporting that Studio 60 will get a full run on NBC. Richmond was chatting up Aaron Sorkin about the Golden Globes when the lightbulb went off. The wily columnist steered the conversation around to the embattled show and Sorkin spilled the beans that NBC was committed to a full run. (Who knew reporting was so easy?) Sorkin said:

“Hopefully soon people will start paying attention to the show instead of who’s making it,” Sorkin told me today. “I really look at it as just the cost of doing business. I knew the reaction to the show was going to be a little bit noisier than I’d prefer. But hopefully, we’re finally settling in and the audience is seeing the amazing cast and acknowledges the great, committed group of people who are behind this show.”

Yeah, well, what’s he supposed to say? At least NBC’s Kevin Reilly is standing behind his choices.

Richmond blogged about this development and says he’s gotten over 5,000 hits in a couple of hours. But his Past Deadline blog seems to be the only place (and FBLA, natch) this news is well, newsworthy. Why Richmond’s employer, the Hollywood Reporter, doesn’t have it is beyond us.