FBDC Ranker: Most Read Pubs on Capitol Hill

Image courtesy of shutterstock.com
Image courtesy of shutterstock.com

Erdos and Morgan have released the results of their 2013 Opinion Leaders Survey, and included in that are rankings for the most-read publications by congressional opinion leaders. The results for both print and online are published below. Here are the key take aways:

1) Politico and WaPo are the clear winners here, with power-brokers on Capitol Hill saying they are the 1st and 2nd most read print and online publications respectively; 2) Roll Call and The Hill (3 and 5 respectively in both online and print) have an outsized influence in Congress, despite smaller circulations and middling web traffic over-all; 3) Despite major restructuring in recent months at CQ Roll Call, both Roll Call and CQ Weekly remain quite influential in Congress; 4) Drudge Report comes in at number 7 -a surprisingly low number for what many consider to be the “One Blog To Rule Them All” -a site that drives the news cycle every day; 5) USA Today and TWT are on the print list but not the online list. Both pubs have nearly saturated levels of distribution on and around the Capitol to which they clearly owe their influence. Their content can’t compete online though where staffers and members have more options. 6) The LA Times is just the opposite -it’s physical presence is obviously small within the Capitol, but its content is good enough that people search it out online. 7) When it comes to television networks online, CNN is clearly dominant. Meanwhile, when it comes to CBS and Fox -they’re nowhere to be found.


  1. Politico
  2. Washington Post
  3. Roll Call
  4. CQ Weekly
  5. The Hill
  6. Wall Street Journal
  7. National Journal
  8. New York Times
  9. National Journal Daily
  10. Washington Times
  11. USA Today

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  1. Politico
  2. Washington Post
  3. Roll Call / CNN (tied)
  4. Wall Street Journal
  5. The Hill
  6. NY Times
  7. Drudge Report
  8. Huffington Post
  9. National Journal
  10. Washingtonian
  11. LA Times
  12. NBC News
  13. ABC News
  14. TPM