FatWallet Unveils New Social Shopping Apps

It still feels like summer in my part of the world but when I look at a calendar, I know that it won’t be long before we’re bombarded with holiday season messaging. So it’s rather good timing that FatWallet has unveiled two new social shopping applications for Facebook.


The first application is in beta but is currently available for FatWallet members. After free sign-up at FatWallet.com, you can can use the browsing tool/Facebook App to make multiple lists for things you want or need to buy. You can bookmark items as you find them and also share the lists or customize them to your needs. FatWallet is also developing mobile versions that should be ready by November.

I imagine this would be very popular in the lead up to the holiday season and also through the year for birthdays and so on. Gift lists are popular on e-commerce sites as Amazon and to combine that with the social reach of Facebook’s 500-million user base would make it a powerful tool. Amazon itself obviously thinks so – the site recently implemented Facebook Connect so that it could make product recommendations to customers based on their friends’ Facebook profiles.

Best Deals

The second application allows Facebook users to add a Best Deals tab to their profile with a one-click installation. The deals come from a variety of sources, such as Amazon, SanDisk, Dell Home Systems and Walmart. I find this somewhat less compelling because by adding the tab you are providing free advertising to FatWallet and its partners, yet there is no incentive system similar to the Amazon Affiliates system. The only attraction is convenience if you are a heavy user of both Facebook and Best Deals.

A FatWallet spokesman told me: “Users do not get a cut although incentive was initially discussed. The Best Deals Facebook App is just simply a convenient service for that user to check up-to-the-minute deals on their FB profile as FatWallet posts to Best Deals. The strategy was to make it easier for our Best Deals fans that spend the bulk of their time on Facebook to stay in the know. Best Deals are found by some of the savviest deal-hunters online, so the attraction is trust that the deal isn’t just about moving inventory, but it’s actually met some criteria for being there.”