Fast-Talking Matthews Gets Feisty on Leno

800px-Chris_Matthews.jpg MSNBC Hardball “Host” Chris Matthews had no shortage of words Thursday night on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno. As everyone who watches him knows, he’s a talker.

E!’s Chelsea Handler cracked on him early on, glancing over at him, saying, “Can you talk any faster?”

To which Matthews zinged her back, saying, “You know, my dear, you are beautiful, but if you concentrate you could keep up.” (At the time, Matthews was opining on former V.P. Dick Cheney and the oil spill situation in the Gulf.)

On Rush Limbaugh saying environmentalists should clean up the spill: “He would say that — he’s a joke,” Matthews said.

For the rest of the interview, Handler and Matthews barely interacted. At the interview’s close, Matthews leaned over and lightly knocked her with his elbow, as if to say, still friends? There was clearly no ease between them.

Watch the interview here.