‘Fast Company’ Launches Site on Innovation

Site seeks to identifiy world-changing ideas

Fast Company, the magazine that writes about entrepreneurs who are on the cutting edge, is putting that content through a “good” filter with a new website launching Nov. 1, at FastCoExist.com. Fast Company says the spin-off will highlight world-changing innovations and new ideas and technologies that will improve the planet.

The site enters an arena that’s already crowded with online and print players like The Atlantic’s new site TheAtlanticCities.com; The Economist’s Ideas Economy, an events series and online forum; blogs by news magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek and Time; and niche properties like Grist and Good.

Co.Exist’s founders say they expect the site to appeal to a broader audience than those existing media by focusing on solutions that have a business rationale.

“We don’t see anyone who is really tapping into the broad and passionate audience of people who are really concerned and engaged with these kinds of issues,” Fast Company editor Robert Safian said.

Morgan Clendaniel, the editor of CoExist, said CoExist wouldn’t be as dogmatic as others in the space. (Clendaniel came from Good, a magazine for idealist do-gooders, which is unapologetically earnest.)

“We’re talking about it less from an environmental perspective,” Clendaniel said of CoExist. “It’s really about the business case for a lot of these things. There are going to be opportunities for people to make a lot of money and save the world. Solar, renewable energy—people are starting to invest in them because they’re the profitable option.”

That said, CoExist won’t limit itself to telling positive stories, Safian said.

“We’re not going to be afraid to note things that are a waste of time or aren’t working,” he said.

CoExist will have a link on the Fast Company homepage. It’s the brand’s second online vertical spin-off after FastCoDesign.com. Fast Company is planning to follow with another, FastCoCreate, focusing on creativity in business.