Fashion Week: The real stats.

police1.gifWhile the death of actress Nicole DuFresne left fashionistas clutching their clutch bags a little tighter last week (fret not, they’ve all forgotten her by now), the NYPD stats for the tented hell they’ve called home should make them feel as calm as the khakied Rebublican conventioneers a few months earlier:

Since Mayor Mike has turned NYC into Indianapolis-on-the-Hudson, Midtown South Pct. had no murders last year. So far, the area has had no homicides this year, either. What, the Imitation of Christ collection didn’t inspire someone to take a bottle of Cristal to someone else’s head? just wait for the closing show, and we’re sure that’ll change. Otherwise, what fun is it to freeze your ass off inside something that looks like Lawrence of Arabia sent it back?