Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Goes Alec Baldwin in WWD

marcpig1.jpgMarc Jacobs, the undisputed darling of Gotham fashionistas, has decided the best defense is an expletive-laden offense. After being taken to task in various reviews by beleaguered editors for the delayed start — two hours, this year — of his Monday night fashion show, Jacobs and his business partner Robert Duffy put two separate calls into WWD that led to a fiery front-page story today.

The piece begins with a contrite-sounding Jacobs (“I’m very sorry having inconvenienced anyone”), but quickly devolves into a curse-filled rant against working parents who dared say that they missed tucking in their kiddies due to the designer’s tardiness. Sounding as if he was channeling Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, Jacobs told WWD: “I f—ing work for a living. You have family? Okay, well that’s nice, I don’t and I work. So leave me alone and don’t come to the show next time.”

Duffy contained his remarks to reports that Jacobs — who completed a stint in rehab earlier this year for drug and alcohol addiction — was spotted in the Mercer Hotel’s restaurant or bar (depending on the version ), calling them “ridiculous.” For his part, Jacobs simply said of the rumors, “That is bulls–t.”

Jacobs also took what might wind up being his parting shot at CFDA, saying the organization “does me absolutely no service whatsoever as an American fashion designer” while threatening to stop showing in New York altogether. Even if he does take his runway shows elsewhere, don’t expect to see Suzy Menkes in their front row for a while. Her comment in today’s WWD article? “I would like to murder him with my bare hands and never see another Marc Jacobs show in my life.”

—Diane Clehane