Fashion Week Countdown: Alexander Wang Edition

wang fall 08.JPG
All photos: UnBeige

The countdown to Fashion Week continues here on UnBeige, and today we tip our black cashmere beanies to Alexander Wang, the buzzed-about young designer who knows the importance of creating a unified runway look that sets fashion editors obsessing over things like elegantly demolished denim shorts (perfect over sheer ripped tights that suggest one has spent the day scaling chain-link fences and starting trouble). How does the 2008 Swarovski award nominee do it? Faith in contrasts—”street and luxe, sexy versus androgyny, and where vagabond meets a street-smart modernist”—and edgy styling by his friend/muse and model/stylist Erin Wasson, who joined Wang on the runway after the showing of his fall 2008 collection (pictured above and below) at Eyebeam in West Chelsea. Whether Wang will send out more hip Wasson doppelgangers (albeit in springier hues) at his Saturday show remains to be seen, as the muse has a clothing line of her own in the works with RVCA: a capsule womenswear collection set to debut in the spring of 2009.

wang fall 08b.jpg