Farming Simulator 16 Brings More Realistic Farming to iOS, Android

The newest installment of the realistic farming franchise offers new crops, as well as the ability to harvest and sell timber for the first time on mobile.

Swiss developer Giants Software has released Farming Simulator 16 on mobile devices. As the name suggests, the farming simulation games allows players to head out into the fields to tend their crops or animals, with new crops to plant and new machines to drive in this latest installment in the franchise.

Farming Simulator 16 focuses on realism, as players control a variety of farm equipment and handle the step-by-step tasks of planting and harvesting crops like wheat, canola or corn, in addition to new options including potatoes and sugar beets. Players begin with two fields at different stages; the first is ready for harvest, while another is ready to be sown. Driving vehicles is achieved by adjusting the acceleration and tilting the device. It’s worth noting, an in-game manual is available to help players learn the basics.

Farming Simulator 16

For animals, players can tend their cows and sheep to gather milk and wool, but will need to cut grass in their meadow to produce hay bales to feed these animals so they’ll actually produce resources. Players can sell their resources at a number of selling points around the map, and are encouraged to diversify their offerings so profits remain high. That is, while players can keep selling a single kind of crop repeatedly, doing so will cause the price to decrease. Players can also store their crops in silos while they wait for a better price.

As players progress, they can purchase additional fields and machinery to grow more crops, and for the first time on mobile, can harvest and sell timber as part of a forestry feature. While players can take care of tasks by themselves, users can also spend some of their profits to hire assistants, allowing them to complete multiple tasks at once. In addition to solo play, Farming Simulator 16 offers a multiplayer mode over WiFi and Bluetooth.

Farming Simulator 16

In a statement, Farming Simulator 16 developer, Marc Schwegler, commented:

In Farming Simulator 16, we added a lot of cool features for our players to make the game even more engaging. Graphical effects, like tire tracks and dirt, [and] a new lower camera angle make for a more immersive feel. We added an AI that can do even more tasks for the player, like deliver crops directly to the selling points across the map, and return to the farm on its own, plus a whole lot of new tractors and machinery from real manufacturers to play with.

Farming Simulator 16 is available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.