FaithStreams, MobileCause Help Get the Message Out

smiling message.jpgReligious leaders at churches, synagogues and mosques across the U.S. can now take their community outreach to a whole new level, thanks to FaithStreams Network (FSN). The online arm of the Faith & Values Media coalition of Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith groups has partnered with mobile marketing agency MobileCause to help religious institutions reach out to congregants through their mobile phones.

Congregation leaders simply visit FSN’s WebMedley site and use the available tools to record a message that gets delivered to the cell phones of parishioners who’ve opted-in to the offering. These communications can be anything from devotionals and meditations to music, announcements and even polls, surveys and fund-raising requests.

According to Faith & Values Media president and CEO Edward Murray, “This technology will allow religious leaders across the country to reach the ‘mobile generation’ who rely on their portable devices for information.”

(Image credit: Jupiterimages Unlimited)