‘Fair Use’ Sparks Fly Over The Weekend

Don’t lie. You weren’t tuned in yesterday. You were kicking back in the AC, watching “Shark Week”. Here’s what transpired:

WaPo‘s Ian Shapira came out swingin’ in Outlook and made a (thoroughly convincing) indictment of theft sloppy attribution on the part of Gawker‘s Hamilton Nolan. Shapira takes Nolan to the mat for borrowing liberally from his July 9 story on business coach Anne Loehr and her courses that help Boomers understand Gen Y-ers. The July 9 Gawker story doesn’t make mention of Shapira or WaPo until the end. Therein lies the contention.

By the time the Sunday shows were wrapped up, observers were already piling on:

Neiman Journalism Lab examined this “case study in fair use”.

dcist “desperately sought a happy medium”.

Mediaite weighed in on the side of Shapira, though they refer to him as “Ira”.

Shapira finished with a challenge: “So, Gawker, do me a favor. At least blog this piece. I’ll even write a headline for you (free of charge). Oh — one other thing. If you sell ads against your posting, can you cut The Post a check?”

If the 200+ comments on Shapira’s page are any indicator, Tuesday’s online conversation promises to be enlightening.

Gawker has not yet posted the original article.