Facewatch App Helps Scotland Yard Catch Criminals

Frustrated by petty crime in his area, Simon Gordon, the owner of Gordon’s Wine Bar in London, introduced Facewatch, a community watch program that encourages neighbors to report acts of petty crime.

The platform collects images and zip codes from the community into a crime database, which the police use to help deter unlawful acts. Now the organization has launched a new smartphone app called Facewatch, which is designed to help local businesses and residents report crimes and share photos.

Here is more about the app: “In partnership with the Police, Facewatch introduce a simple to use phone application (app) which provides the public with images of people, searchable by postcode, that the Police would like to speak to. Primarily focused on low level crime, using images from CCTV cameras, the App is available free to download on iPhones iPads, BlackBerry, and Android devices.”

This video explains more about how Facewatch works.