Top 10 Christmas Applications on Facebook

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s time to spread some more Christmas cheer. No, that doesn’t mean more egg nog (save that for later). So what are some of the most festive apps you can check out this Christmas? Well, here you go:

Send Cards10.) Send Cards
E-cards have always been pretty popular on the internet. They’re quick, thoughtful, and usually very entertaining. Here’s an app that is not only good for Christmas, but for all occasions. Whether or not you want to be cute or funny, this card sharing program has something that you can use, whether or not it is a pug in a santa hat, or a kitten in a stocking, it makes a great gift.

What's your Funny Christmas Name?9.) What’s your Funny Christmas Name
Sometimes funny, sometimes cute, sometimes… not really either. Regardless, this app is a rather amusing name generator that a number of people might get a kick out of. Simply select a card, and input their name and gender and see what yuletide alias they end up with.

Twisted Christmas8.) Twisted Christmas
This app is truly entertaining. How could it not be with such a title? Essentially, you pick a.. well.. twisted character and go off Christmas caroling with it. The caroling gets sent off to the friends of your choosing, and the more you do so, the more gifts you earn. Said gifts can then be sent to your friends and range from “festive poo” to a dancing Santa.

25 Days of Christmas7.) 25 Days of Christmas
Okay, maybe it is a little too late to be sharing this application, but it’s nice just the same. Have you ever had those countdown calendars or trees in which you open a new day everyday until the 25th? Inside each door is usually a piece of candy or small gift. Well, that’s exactly what this app is. Open a new door each day until Christmas and receive a virtual gift each time.

What you REALLY want for Christmas6.) What you REALLY Want
Can’t afford the perfect gift? Here’s a “solution.” In this application you can send your friends what they really want for Christmas. Nope, it’s not that new tool set, DVD, or dress. This app lets you send some of the most expensive stuff you can think that range from a collection of diamonds to a personal jet.

As players get deeper into the app, the gifts also get bigger and better (much better), so it is definitely something fun for the holiday season.

Christmas Friend Tree5.) Christmas Friend’s Tree
A very simple application that involves decoration your very own Christmas tree with, you guessed it, your friends. The app is nothing extravagant, but you know what they say: “It’s the thought that counts.” During such a joyous time of year, the personal value that is attributed with this app goes a long way.

Say Merry Christmas4.) Say Merry Christmas
Another application that goes along with “Christmas Friend’s Tree,” and yet again another enriched with sentimental value. This app lets you send season’s greetings to anyone, but as simple as it sounds, it lets you say it in virtually any language.

A Christmas Story3.) A Christmas Story
“You’ll shoot your eye out!” Though it is merely a virtual gift giving app, it has to be included out of obligation as one of maybe three good Christmas movies.

As you might expect, this application consists of sending images from the classic, 1983 film, A Christmas Story. And for those of you who have been deprived of this movie, it is the story of a young boy, Ralphie, trying to convince everyone around him that he must have a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Now, go watch it.

Christmas Music Tree2.) Christmas Music Tree
This Christmas Tree app is very soothing. Essentially, you decorate a tree with your friends, but the ornaments are musical pieces. Some of it is classic, upbeat music like Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree or slow and peaceful like the Coventry Carol Kings Choir. Regardless of the music choice, it is perfect for the season, and there is something for everyone (sorry, that was a cliche line wasn’t it?).

Christmas Tree1.) Christmas Tree
Quite possibly one of the best applications this season. Whether it’s the Charlie Brown tree or your own classic pine, this app lets you design and decorate any Christmas tree you desire. Set in a festive, wintery background (which can be changed), choose your bases, trees, decorations, presents, and display it all on your profile. To top it all off, the game has a wonderful Christmas atmosphere as the festive music plays and blends seamlessly together.

Of all the Christmas apps out there, the creative value you get when using this app is a great deal of fun, and you can remake your trees again and again. It is a bit of a time sink though, as it is easy to loose track of time.

Well there you have it. As always, if you have any apps you think deserve mentioning, then by all means post them in the comments. Until then, have a safe and happy Christmas.