Facebook's Tainted Brand Image?

This morning Alley Insider posted about Brand Tags, a site which enables users to post tags about different popular brands. One of the brands included in the ratings is Facebook. When looking at the top tags for the Facebook brand, a large percentage of the tags have a significantly negative connotation. The top 25 tags are:

friends, social, college, annoying, people, facebook, fun, boring, kids, lame, community, social networking, myspace, waste of time, addictive, social network, network, networking, stupid, young, useless, crap, internet, stalker, s***

This is by no means a scientific experiment because the distribution of users visiting this site is highly skewed. The MySpace brand does not fair any better though. The top 25 tags for MySpace are:

kids, music, friends, people, teenagers, lame, ugly, stupid, emo, annoying, social, crap, internet, myspace, community, old, young, teens, network, losers, networking, social networking, gay, boring, spam

Social networks in general clearly have a tainted image as well. Alley Insider also compares these brand tags to that of Google and Amazon which have positive tags for the majority. The real question is if these tags are a sign that people are getting tired of social networks in general and if they are going to begin seeking new ways to connect. Do you think that these tags are an accurate image of Facebook? Do you think there’s any way Facebook can recover their tainted image?