Facebook’s new app attempts to lure users with pixelated, ephemeral messaging

slingshotFollowing Snapchat and Taptalk, Facebook is getting into temporary messages. The new app Slingshot is an independent app from Facebook, and if you’ve been using Taptalk, it’s going to look very familiar because Facebook also used a similar pixelated app icon for Slingshot.

Just last week, Facebook’s Slingshot app was accidentally published in the app store, so many users got a sneak peak. The app hasn’t changed much since then, but now with its official release, users are comparing it to the minimalistic Taptalk and even the popular Snapchat. Like both apps, Slingshot offers temporary, one-time viewing only photos, videos, and even drawings.

Unlike regular messages, Slingshot attempts to engage users in mutual conversations by only revealing the full resolution media when the recipient sends something back – yes, it’s really like a Slingshot.

Facebook’s Product Designer Joey Flynn, had this to say about the new app:

Slingshot let’s you quickly capture and send photos and videos to a bunch of friends at once. The thing I love most about it is that when you receive shots from your friends, you have to send something back to them to unlock and view them. This creates a totally new type of sharing that has two parts — part self expression and part letting your friends know you want to hear from them too.