Facebook Will Hold F8 Conference On September 22

This morning, Facebook began sending invitations to developers, partners and press for this year's f8 conference happening on September 22 in San Francisco.

Facebook will hold this year’s f8 developer conference on September 22 in San Francisco. The social network began distributing invitations this morning to developers, partners, and press.

People who haven’t received invitations can buy tickets on MogoTix or watch a livestream of the whole event at f8.facebook.com.

Like previous years’ f8 events, the one this September will feature keynote presentations, breakout sessions, networking and a big party at the end.

While specifics about the conference’s agenda are sparse, Facebook is expected to launch several products about which information has leaked over the past few months.

These include the HTML5 mobile gaming platform, the official Facebook iPad app, and the music dashboard. Improvements to the mobile photo offering may launch, either in the form of new standalone apps or as additional features to the primary mobile apps.

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