Facebook Vs Twitter: Revenue, Users, Average Time Spent, Key Mobile Data [STATS]

Twitter’s widely-anticipated IPO is just around the corner, and, for many analysts, it would seem to make sense to speculate on Twitter’s fortunes based on what has happened to Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, LinkedIn), and their IPO, given that Twitter and Facebook are, you know, kind of the same.


Wrong. Not only have they always been very different social platforms, they’re different companies, too. Facebook was already huge before its IPO and then got bigger, and its userbase completely dwarfs that of Twitter, as do its revenues, mobile users, average time on site and pretty much every other significant statistic out there.

So what does Twitter have in its corner? One, time (and plenty of it), but two, a much richer, more meaningful penetration of the moment, both in how it’s used day-to-day, minute-to-minute by its audience, but also in how Twitter has become the de facto go-to benchmark for pretty much every litmus test in the media world. Both of these things should hold Twitter in good stead for the future.

But right now? It’s still Facebook’s world. Check the visual from Statista below for all the number goodness.

(Source: Statista. Facebook/Twitter image: clasesdeperiodismo via Flickr.)

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