Facebook Video Launches

Facebook VideoA few weeks ago Facebook launched a new video service for users. They officially launched a couple days ago. This video service is no competition to YouTube or MySpace video. Instead it is simply an added value service that enables Facebook users to upload personal videos. I think that this is a pretty smart move on Facebook’s part. Rather than competing with existing services they are simply expanding their existing services for individuals to put their lives online. I’m not quite sure that this is the best place to put those videos of doing stupid things after one too many drinks though, since your future employer will be checking out your profile. Although maybe that’s the benefit of the privacy settings. The interesting thing about this application is that there is no browse feature currently. So if you want to tag videos for others to see, the only people that can see them are your friends. If they added a browse feature though they would get a larger onslaught of videos given that places like YouTube and MySpace are basically popularity contests. Do you think Facebook should open up their video feature, or keep it the way it is?