Facebook users have a sweet tooth for Pudding Pop


One of the fastest-growing Facebook apps isn’t made by King or Zynga. Pudding Pop, a puzzle game developed by CookApps, has an estimated 5.1 million monthly active users (according to AppData) — roughly 1 million of which have been added in the past week.

The only two Facebook apps to with a higher MAU growth in the past week are King’s headlining titles of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga.

Here’s a look at how Pudding Pop has grown rapidly, since its debut on Facebook late 2013:


The app had 1.38 million estimated MAU on Dec. 8, but had more than doubled that by New Year’s Day.

Pudding Pop has also grown steadily in DAU, with an AppData estimate of 247,245 on Dec. 8, nearly tripling on Jan. 1 to 611,776, and now at 912,875 with little signs of slowing. At the current pace, it’s likely that Pudding Pop reaches 1 million DAU within the next month.

Additionally, the page for Pudding Pop has grown considerably according to PageData, rising from roughly 525,000 likes on Dec. 16 to more than 1.5 million today. Though the PTAT value has dropped in recent days, it hit a high of 340,668 on Jan. 11.

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Readers: Do you play Pudding Pop?

Image courtesy of Pudding Pop’s app page.