Facebook Updates Application Email Limits

Over the past few weeks there has been substantial discussion between developers and the Facebook platform team about Facebook’s policy on application emails. One of the most significant points of this discussion surrounded the email unsubscribe link being placed at the top of all application emails. After a significant amount of feedback, Facebook has decided to move the link to the bottom for a large number of applications.

Additionally, there will be a new policy on email allocations which will be based on an automated algorithm. Tom Witnah explains in a blog post:

Since having the link at the top generally increases the rate that users click on it, clicks from the bottom of an email will be weighted differently than clicks at the top, so that scores will be based on the quality of the communication, not the location of the message. We will also take into account fluctuations in the amount of email sent, so your email limit will not decrease if you start sending less email overall.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise given the developer uproar about the new email policy. I’m sure that there will remain to be a number of unsatisfied developers but then again you can’t be too disappointed with Facebook for a policy change if you are spamming users! Have you been getting too much Facebook email? Do you think these changes will improve your experience?