Facebook to Seppukoo: Cut It Out

Facebook sent a cease-and-desist letter to Seppukoo, a service that lets users of the social-networking site make their accounts disappear, Mashable reported.

According to Mashable, Facebook is accusing Seppukoo of violating its terms of service by soliciting Facebook users’ login information, accessing Facebook accounts that belong to other users, collecting users’ information using automated means, sending commercial communications and using Facebook’s intellectual property.

The response from imaginary Italian art group Les Liens Invisibles, creator of Seppukoo, as well as a video on how to commit a do-it-yourself Seppukoo (below):

Les Liens Invisibles wants to inform everyone that on Dec. 16, Facebook Inc., after it blocked any attempt of Seppukoo from this Website and blocked/deleted all Seppukoo.com information into the whole Facebook network, has now threatened legal action against us in order to stop the suicide pandemic.

Curiously, Facebook lawyers appeal to users’ right to privacy in order to annihilate our Facebook-unsubscribe service.

The Seppukoo.com staff rejects every false pretense about phishing or malicious use of personal data and publicly invites Facebook’s developers to meet us and see in first person what kind of information we save and how we take care of them.

Les Liens Invisibles is now considering all of the possibilities to come back ASAP. Thanks to all of the people who are supporting us in this moment.