How To Market Your Brand To Facebook Subscribers

Facebook's subscribe button can help a social marketer get ahead. Here's how to use it to your advantage.

Facebook’s subscribe button can really help a social marketer get ahead. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

Optimize Your News Feed

Just because someone is on your friends list doesn’t necessarily mean you want everything they post showing up in your news feed.

The subscribe button aims to solve this by allowing you to control the posts you see.

You can choose to see all of their updates, most of their updates, or only important updates such as those pertaining to a new job or moving to another city.

The subscribe button also lets you determine the types of updates you actually see in your news feed.

If you’re a photographer, an ideal scenario for using it would be to see only the photos posted by one of your industry peers for inspiration.

Keep in mind that using the subscribe button to optimize your news feed is completely optional.

Make New Connections

A social marketer could also use the new subscribe button to make connections with Facebook users they are not currently friends with.

So, for example, if you see that a designer, developer, or another professional who you want to keep up with has the button incorporated on their profile, you can make that connection by simply clicking it.

Once you do, all the public updates they make from their profile will appear directly in your news feed.

The real beauty here is that just like with your friends, you can choose the types of posts you see from your new connections.

Grow Your Facebook Network

Facebook gives you the ability to add the subscribe button to your own profile, and when used in this manner, it can be extremely effective for growing your network.

Anyone who subscribes will automatically receive all the updates you set to public via your personal settings. You can keep up with your users from the subscriberss tab located on your profile and even control who is allowed to comment on your posts.

Enabling this function is as simple as clicking here to visit the subscriptions page and then clicking on the “allow subscribers” link.


The new subscribe button will likely be embraced by Facebook users who have been long craving the freedom to control what they see in their news feeds.

It could also end up being a hit with social marketers who want the updates and connections associated with their profile to be as relevant as possible.

This new feature is an example of how Facebook’s ambition to remain on top in the social space ultimately benefits its community of loyal users in the end.

Guest writer Francis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Email.