Facebook Spam Makes a Comeback

Facebook has been aggressive at fighting spam on their site since early on. The first step was to limit group messaging (which reportedly won’t be restricted for much longer) followed by automated restrictions on users that were sending too many messages. Well now it appears that some spammers are getting aggressive and posting on walls across the site. A developer of a top 40 application sent me an email this morning describing his daily battle with removing spam from the wall and forum for his application.

Later in the day I was browsing through Facebook and came across the a post within the “No, I will NOT invite 20 friends just to add your application!” group which had a profile picture of a nude woman and a link to a pornography site. Typical spam. I have to give credit though, after a few refreshes of the page the spam had been removed. Still, as the site grows in popularity, Facebook is facing an increasing struggle against a large army of spammers that are constantly trolling the site.

If you check out any large application or the wall of any network within Facebook, chances are you are going to see a ton of spam. Many users of MySpace were turned off after they received one friend request after another from fake users. While the misleading tactics had debatable results for the spammers, it had strong consequences for MySpace who saw an exodus of many of its users over to competing social networks. Do you think Facebook will be able to tackle the spam problem?