Shop With Your Friends On Facebook Using Shopcade

Another take on Facebook social shopping comes from the U.K.'s Shopcade application for the social network.

Another take on Facebook social shopping comes from across the pond in the form of the U.K.’s Shopcade application for the social network.

Shopcade allows users to browse more than 40 million products from more than 20,000 brands, in categories including fashion, beauty, technology, music, and apps.

Users create Shopcades, or pages featuring their favorite products, and they have the ability to earn cash commissions if those products are purchased via their Shopcades.

The free app also allows users to:

  • See which products and Shopcades are the most popular in various categories among friends or the entire community, in real time;
  • See products being shared by friends, or filter via category and brand;
  • Receive cash rewards when they buy via another Shopcade, or when other users buy via theirs;
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on Facebook likes; and
  • Access personalized URLs that allow them to embed their Shopcades on blogs and other social networks.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Nathalie Gaveau said:

Shopcade leverages the power of Facebook to the benefit of consumers and brands alike. It turns the social network into the social shopping network, allowing 800 million socially connected people to shop, share, and be rewarded all in one place. Rather than brands dictating what people should buy, Shopcade empowers people to share products that actually matter with each other. Now the customers are in control.

Readers: Have you used any social shopping applications or tools on Facebook?