Facebook Roundup: Zynga, Lawsuits, Chrome, Taxes, Glitches, Campaigns, Kids and the Navy

Followup on the Story About Public Information Being Leaked — The Wall Street Journal discovered in an investigation that Facebook applications were inadvertently leaking URLs to third-parties that included user identification numbers. The story was overhyped, considering that the data was already publicly accessible, but some members of Congress are interested now, and so are class-action attorneys. The Journal has since faced criticism about withholding a similar story about another News Corp. property, MySpace — following that, it published the story on Friday afternoon.

Facebook Hires Another Chrome Engineer — Facebook hired another Chrome OS developer from Google this week, David Garcia. In June Facebook also hired another Chrome engineer, Matt Papakipos. What might Facebook be doing with all these Chrome employees — building its own browser, perhaps?

Like Google and Eveyrone Else, Facebook Also Using Tax Loopholes — Bloomberg had an interesting article detailing how Google and Facebook are using tax loopholes to save money, similar to nearly every other large company in the

Energy Saving Strategies At Facebook’s Data Center — Last week we wrote about Facebook’s energy saving efforts at its Santa Clara, Calif. data center. This week Facebook’s Engineering team shares many more details.

Facebook’s Summer of Code Projects – Facebook Engineering wrote a note this week about the company’s participation in Google’s Summer of Code this year. The event involves students spending a summer coding for an open source or free project; Facebook invited a few students to work on projects related to HBase, HipHop for PHP, Scribe, Three20 and XHP. More at the link.

Shoutlet Launches Management PlatformShoutlet introduced its new Social Customer Relationship Management platform this week, which helps companies monitor their different social media platforms. Some particulars from a press release: assign internal tasks to respond to real-time comments, breakdown Likes to better target fans and analyze social media metrics.

Social Media Poll Shows Teens Are Safe – Web privacy firm Truste conducted a survey of 2,000 teens and parents asking them about privacy and social networking. Turns out most teens are “doing the right things” and parents are monitoring them.

U.S. Navy Posts Social Media Handbook – The U.S. Navy Command posted an interesting handbook on its SlideShare account this week: the official Social Media Handbook.

Facebook All Over Campaign Season – Facebook has used by candidates more heavily than ever this electoral season and the company recently released a “Campaign 2010 Races to Watch” guide. The guide details races in different states that are contentious, with data to match.

Facebook Updates Mobile Capabilities – The Facebook Engineering team wrote a note this week about its efforts to update its mobile capabilities.