Facebook Roundup: Goldman Sachs, Security, HTML5, MySpace, NPR, Cuba and Teens

Facebook Accused of Negligent Security – Sophos security firm and BitDefender have both taken Facebook to task for not providing adequate security and protecting user privacy. Most recently Sophos found that 40% of social network users were sent malware, up from the year before — Facebook’s rebuttal is that the report doesn’t detail how many of those were actually successful, and adds that attacks have decreased in effectiveness.

Facebook Hosts HTML5 Tech Talk – Facebook announced it will host a Tech Talk on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. PST to explore how Facebook, Zyng and Sproutcore are going to use HTML5.

MySpace Not Closing, Partnering with Facebook? – MySpace reached out to Facebook recently to “talk about unique ways we could work together which truly benefit bands and the fans that are on the Facebook platform,” according to Roberto Fisher, vice president of product for MySpace Music. Fisher went on to tell Digital Music News that the company is “hanging in there” because he believes MySpace has different things to offer fans than Facebook.

NPR, Facebook Media Success Story – NPR’s digital strategist Andy Carvin appeared at an Online News Association meeting this week to talk about how the organization’s 1.4 million fans communicate around Facebook. NPR’s main goal is building a community on Facebook, as opposed to just driving short-term clicks, which gives them success such as growing its click generation from 1.5 million to 1.4 million pageviews a month.

Facebook Shuts Down, Reinstates Cuba’s Page – According to an odd mix of sources mostly outside of the US, YouTube and Facebook reportedly shut down a Cuban political channel and Page from a group called Cubadebate over “copyright” issues — both then quickly reinstated the group after being denounced by the Cuban government.

Two Thirds U.S. Teens Facebook Friend Parents – A recent study from Kaplan Test Prep found that about 65% of teenagers friend their parents, 38% ignore parental friend requests and 16% said friending parents was a condition of joining the social network.

Facebook Gets Flack Over Name – Facebook is on the receiving end of accusatory talk over its name, according to TechCrunch. A long-distance calling company Talkbook, is trying to cancel Facebook’s trademark on its name.

Majority of American Adults Use Facebook – The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently released a report, “The Social Side of the Internet,” and found that about 82% of American adults use social networks, among other interesting statistics.