Facebook Rolls Out "Everyone" Option in Privacy Setting

So how do you like the new Facebook profile page so far? Don’t worry, we’re not going to talk about the pros and cons of the new home page, but rather on an earlier announcement saying that members can now opt to allow everyone to view your Facebook profile or select some parts of it. According to the Facebook blog, you can now allow more people to view your profiles or parts of it by choosing the “Everyone” option on your Facebook privacy page. You can select “Everyone” for your Profile, Status Updates, Links, Wall, Posts, Basic Info, Personal info, education infor, work infor, and your photos and videos.


Now if you’re worried that you might compromised your privacy setting, Facebook assures us that nothing of your privacy settings will be changed once you opt to open your Profile Page to “Everyone”.

But wait, before you chane anything from your privacy option, you should know that changing your profile setting to “Everyone” you will be opening your doors to comments, and other audiences reaction. This also means that anybody can access and view your Facebook profile even if they are not your Facebook contacts. Anybody who sees your updates, or found your profile through Facebook search would now be able the parameters you’ve set on your Facebook profile setting.

The positive side of opening your Facebook profile page to everyone is of course you’d gain more new friends, especially those who have stumbled upon your profile page accidentall.

So, what about the negative perspective? Actually the only problem I can see, which might not be a problem at all is the fact that you won’t be able to know who are checking your profile.

So would you be opening your Facebook profile page to “Everyone?”