Facebook Rolls Out Ads With New Photo Album Layout

Over the past week, many people have began seeing Facebook's new photo album design. This afternoon some of them are also seeing ads.

Over the past week many people have began seeing Facebook’s new photo album design, and this afternoon some of them are also seeing the inclusion of something else: ads.

While not surprising, considering the large real estate the albums take up on the page, it’s definitely interesting to see ad included. Patrick Toland of TBG Digital sent us over the screenshot pictured below. which includes an extremely relevant ad considering the photo. We think the ad placement happens to be a coincidence, unless Facebook has developed object recognition technology in order to improve the ads displayed — something I believe is highly unlikely.

One interesting thing to note is the value of ads within photo albums versus elsewhere on the site. Right now it appears as though the number of advertisements is limited to one. While I’m not sure what sort of performance Facebook has seen during initial tests, my guess is that it’s pretty good considering how large of a role photos play on the site.

Please let us know if you see any other new features in the upgraded photo albums — and do you like their new layout?

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