Facebook Releases New Simplified Design

Facebook has highly simplified their new design down to a single bar. The left navigation is gone and advertisements will be displayed on the right hand side of the site. The new design looks pretty bare but there are no screenshots of what the other pages will look like. Putting ads on the right hand side doesn’t sound like the best idea to me. Traditional web design rules state that users typically look to the top and left hand side of the page before anything else. This could vary across cultures though.

I’m not quite sure about Facebook’s decision to make the new design this simple. The new design appears to look like a header that could work across any site and be built into a user’s browser. Perhaps that’s Facebook’s intention. I’m excited to see what other designs Facebook has up their sleeve. What are your thoughts on the new design? Do you think it’s too simple? Are there any changes that you think would work?

Profile Redesign Screenshot