Facebook Relationship Status Change Leads to Arrest

A man in Florida was charged with domestic battery for attacking a woman who confronted him when he changed his Facebook relationship status to single.

If you’ve ever questioned the seriousness of Facebook relationship statuses, then this story will solidify the fact they aren’t to be taken lightly.

We’re not sure whether the man, Eric Wilson, was married to the woman he fought with. All that media reports have confirmed is that she was pretty pissed about the status change, and police said the two engaged in quite the shouting match last week, according to Click Orlando.

Obscenities were allegedly exchanged, a TV broken, and police said Wilson even pushed the woman against a brick wall and threatened to shoot her. Wilson was then taken to the county detention center where he was later released on community supervision. He was charged with domestic battery.

A judge during his hearing last weekend ordered that Wilson have no further contact with the victim, and steer clear of her residence. He is due for another court appearance at the end of the month.

Obviously we don’t have the full story here, but if the two were married and the status change popped up as a surprise, then we can see why it would incite a major fight. Then again, do you think this incident speaks to a larger trend of people taking relationship statuses on Facebook too seriously? I know if I were to change my relationship status to “single” right now, I’d get of flood of comments of the “are you ok?” and “what happened???” variety.

What takeaway do you gather from this story?