Facebook Boosts IPO Range | Report: iCloud to Include Photo-Sharing | Twitter to Send Email Digests With Summify Technology

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In Facebook IPO, Frenzy, Skepticism (The Wall Street Journal)
Facebook’s coming initial public offering has set off a frenzy of anticipation among Main Street and Wall Street investors desperate to get their hands on the stock. Late Monday, the social network raised the price range for its IPO to $34 to $38 a share, from $28 to $35 a share, said a person familiar with the matter, in a sign of investor appetite for the offering. Inside Facebook Facebook has announced a new design for its mobile newsfeed that displays posts in individual boxes similar to how they appear on timeline. As part of the redesign, photos now appear three times larger than before, which could make browsing more efficient since there is less need to tap to see an image full-screen. Yahoo! News/The Lookout Is Facebook a flash in the pan? Nearly half of Americans think so, according to a new AP/CNBC poll. Forty-six percent of those polled said the social networking giant is likely to “fade away as new things come along,” while 43 percent predict it will be “successful over the long term.” CNBC The poll also shows that 57 percent of Facebook users say they never click ads or other sponsored content when they use the site, with another 26 percent saying they hardly ever engage in such activity AllFacebook Recent college graduate Suleika Jaouad found out that when she opened up about having leukemia on Facebook, there was a community ready to embrace her as she faced this new challenge in life. Caretakers and fellow cancer patients, friends and family all were there waiting to offer support and share advice.

Report: Apple Planning iCloud Upgrade with Photo-Sharing (PC Magazine)
The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Apple is planning to upgrade its iCloud storage and data-syncing service with new photo-sharing features. The new features are expected to be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which takes place from June 11-15 in San Francisco, Calif. ReadWriteWeb Details are sparse, but according to The Journal, some are expecting a service akin to Flickr to emerge within iCloud. Whether it’s a full-blown social service or something a bit more limited, the importance of photos and how they’re shared among people is clearly not lost on Apple. CNET The Journal‘s report suggests videos would now be ferried over too. This brings up a question about storage though. Videos are big, especially if you’ve captured them on either of Apple’s most recent iOS devices, the third-generation iPad and iPhone 4S.

Twitter Launches Weekly Email Digest That Mimics Content of Discover Tab, Uses Summify Tech (The Next Web)
Twitter has announced its new weekly email digest, which looks a lot like the Discover tab in the new versions of Twitter mobile and Web. The digest is using the technology Twitter acquired when it grabbed social-feed summary tool Summify in January.

Quora Raises $50M at $400M From Board Member; Co-Founder Puts in $20M of His Own Money (TechCrunch)
Question-and-answer site Quora has raised $50 million at a $400 million pre-money valuation, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, and the founders themselves have confirmed the news with TechCrunch. We had reported that Quora was raising in this range back in April, and it looks like Facebook board member Peter Thiel has beat out many other investors.

Jon Stewart Makes Fun of Social Media, the Internet [VIDEO] (Mashable)
The Daily Show‘s “Old Man Stewart” has expressed again his opinion on kids and the media using the Internet. This time he’s covered nearly all of the bases: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube.

LinkedIn Windows Phone App Better Than iOS, Android Versions (Wired)
LinkedIn quietly rolled out its Windows Phone app over the weekend and officially announced the release in a blog post on Monday. LinkedIn’s iOS and Android apps have been around for a long time, but now Windows Phone users are getting an especially slick and easy way to access all of their professional information on the site.

Massachusetts Jurors to be Warned About Social Media (AP)
For decades, Massachusetts judges have told jurors to refrain from going on the Internet to do research about cases they are weighing, but now judges are being told they need to do more to stop jurors from posting information about cases on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The state Appeals Court, in a move that follows a national trend, said judges must give jurors explicit warnings against using social media.

Are You Tweeting Or Cheating? How to Deal With Social Media Affairs (The Huffington Post)
Do you know the signs of a social media affair? They are becoming more and more common, as 81 percent of the nation’s top divorce attorneys say that over the past five years, they have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking as evidence.

Today Show’s Twitter Caption Contest (AllTwitter)
Are you a witty caption writer? And do you plan to be in New York on May 25? If so, check out this caption contest, and show off your skills to Today Show judges.