Use Facebook Places, Be President of Dunkin’ Nation

Why settle for being a Dunkin' Donuts customer, when you can be President of Dunkin' Nation on Facebook?

Why settle for being a Dunkin’ Donuts customer, when you can be President of Dunkin’ Nation?

The chain teamed up with Facebook Places and foursquare on the initiative, which allows users to check in at its locations and compete for the title. Check-ins are allowed once per hour, up to 10 times per day. Can you say, “Sugar rush?”

The user with the most check-ins at the end of the week will earn the chance to win the title of President of Dunkin’ Nation and the grand prize, which consists of a 50-inch LCD TV, a Dunkin’ Nation President personalized card with $200 to spend, and an exclusive T-shirt and mug. A total of 33 daily sweeps winners will receive $25 cards. The contest ends September 23.

Mashable pointed out the potential that Facebook users will annoy their friends by spamming them with multiple check-ins. Kevin Vine, interactive marketing manager in Dunkin Donuts’ brands division, responded that foursquare users can hide their check-ins, and that the company’s goal was to open the competition to as many entrants as possible.

Dunkin’ Donuts is aiming for 100,000 participants; while driving traffic to the chain’s locations is important, President of Dunkin’ Nation is about “celebrating and rewarding our dedicating fans who are already engaging in this kind of behavior,” Vine told Mashable.

Readers, will you be visiting your local Dunkin’ Donuts 10 times today? And if so, have you considered decaf?

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