Facebook Lets You Tag Photos While They're Uploading

Facebook now lets you add tags to photos before they're finished uploading.

Facebook now lets you add tags to photos before they’re finished uploading.

The company announced an update to its photo-upload process in which users can view the progress of each photo they are uploading in real time.

The change allows users to begin adding captions and location details to their photos before they are done uploading, as well as to add the album title, description, and location.

Facebook is constantly adding new features and improving others, and just this week the photo-upload tweak joins this change and this change to events, as well as this like analytics shortcut.

Allowing people to begin putting capitions and tags on photos before they’re done uploading seems to complement the recent addition of ability to add dates in the past to images on timeline profiles.

This newest ability to tag photos during uploads would have the most utility if it works on mobile devices, which have longer upload times.

In the blog post announcing the addition of real-time photo-upload progress, Facebook Product Manager Justin Shaffer wrote:

Just as before, you can choose who can see your album before you post and adjust your selection later if you change your mind. You can also continue to track how long your upload will take.

Readers: Do you think you will find this change to the photo-upload process to be useful?