Facebook Phasing Out Credits | Twitter Simplifies Timelines | Kremlin to Launch Social Network

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Facebook Swapping Out Credits, Adding Subscription Billing (AllFacebook)
Facebook announced Tuesday that the company is doing away with Facebook Credits and transitioning to local currency. The social network also announced that it is accepting subscription billing for apps. Simply put, these moves make it easier for Facebook gamers to spend more by cutting out the Facebook Credits middleman. The New York Times The changes are designed to encourage companies well beyond game developers to sell their wares on the Facebook platform itself. It carries the additional benefit of potentially keeping Facebook users on the site longer and harnessing more data about what they buy. San Francisco Chronicle App developers will soon be able to charge subscription fees, Prashant Fuloria, Facebook product management director, announced in a company blog for developers. Subscriptions could become an easy, ongoing source of revenue. The Wall Street Journal Facebook is getting support from two big-name advertisers after tough questions over the effectiveness of its ads. On Tuesday, Ford and Coca-Cola separately said they found value in Facebook advertising, and Ford plans to expand its use of the social network in advertising. Reuters Facebook offered a rare peek on Tuesday at one facet of the elaborate system it uses to police its 900 million-user social network, as it attempts to keep it free of content it deems offensive, illegal or just plain inappropriate. A detailed, and somewhat confusing, chart published by Facebook on its website depicts how reports of various infractions are routed through the company and lays out all the potential outcomes, which can range from an account being disabled to Facebook alerting law enforcement.

Twitter Lets Users Toggle Between See ‘All’ and ‘No Replies’ (CNET)
Twitter announced Tuesday that on certain verified accounts of well-known musicians, actors, athletes and brands, users can decide whether to see back-and-forth exchanges. The way it works is by clicking “all” above the Tweets timeline on the user’s profile page to see full conversations or by clicking “no replies” to see only original tweets. PC Magazine
The simplified tweet timeline will be the default setting when it’s rolled out across the user base, Twitter’s Michael Sippey wrote in a blog post announcing the change. The company will be adding the option to switch from the simplified view to the traditional Twitter view to verified accounts over the next several weeks, he added. The Next Web Obviously, this should be an immediately appealing option for brands, who will be able to display their account with only their official message by default. It is a bit of a two-edged sword, however, as users will be exposed to an “on-message” stream by default. This means that any back-and-forth over a brand’s customer service, for instance, will be hidden from view unless you click on the “all” button.

Spotify Releases Free Mobile Radio in the United States (SocialTimes)
Spotify has released a free version of its iPad and iPhone app to listeners in the United States. Much like Pandora’s, Spotify’s radio app offers continuous music on personalized radio stations.

Linsanity! Jeremy Lin Strikes Back With Social Media Award (Mashable)
Jeremy Lin is being honored by the NBA for his social media dominance. The league announced this week that Lin has been named its first-ever “Social Breakout Player of the Year.”

Lady Gaga’s Massive Social Influence [INFOGRAPHIC] (AllTwitter)
Lady Gaga is the darling of the social media world. No one has more followers on Twitter than the Mother Monster, and she’s got plenty of influence to boot. This infographic takes a look at Gaga’s unsurpassed social influence — and some of the numbers are positively staggering.

Kremlin to Launch Facebook-Style Social Network (The Guardian)
The Kremlin is planning to create its own Facebook-style social network, where users with personal accounts will be able to upload content and discuss the issues of the day. Social networks have been the tool of choice for opposition activists since street demonstrations broke out in December, but the popularity of the Internet in Russia means any Chinese-style attempt to assert control from above would be doomed.

Social Media Will be Focus of All-Star Week (USA Today)
Twitter-happy visitors to Kansas City for baseball’s upcoming All-Star Game will get extra attention under a plan to monitor social media posts as a way of sharing information about the city and addressing trouble spots. From the downtown headquarters of tax prep giant H&R Block, teams of social media enthusiasts are planning to monitor tweets, Facebook posts and Foursquare check-ins of fans in a bid to answer question and head-off potential emergencies in the days leading up to the July 10 game, The Kansas City Star reported Tuesday.

Google Threatens Site That Rips YouTube Music Videos into MP3s (ars technica)
Google has reportedly threatened legal action against a website that allegedly used the YouTube API to turn the audio from YouTube videos into downloadable MP3 files. The website denies violating YouTube’s policies.

Flipboard Flaked on Adding The Fancy; Here’s What it Would Have Looked Like (BetaBeat)
The popular iPad reading app Flipboard just announced integration with Google+, the latest service on top of Facebook, Twitter, Readability, SoundCloud, LinkedIn and others that plug in to create the dynamic, customized digital magazine. But while the news tasted sweet to Flipboard, it was sour for one of Flipboard’s prospective partners: The Fancy, the social photo sharing and shopping app that is one of New York’s rising stars.