Burberry Leads Other Fashion Brands On Facebook

Facebook really suits fashion marketing, especially for Burberry.

Facebook suits fashion marketing, especially for Burberry.

That’s from a study of 49 fashion brands by L2.

The think tank found that all but one had a presence on Facebook as of September 2011, up from 86 percent in September 2010, and 79 percent in September 2009.

Among other findings in the L2 study, a total of 73 percent of the brands offered direct links to their Facebook brand pages from their websites

The L2 Digital IQ Index: Fashion study examined the brands’ effectiveness by studying their websites, digital marketing efforts, social media marketing, and mobile presence. The overall top 10:

  • 1. Burberry
  • 2. Kate Spade
  • 3. Coach (tied)
  • 3. Gucci (tied)
  • 5. Dolce & Gabbana (tied)
  • 5. Tory Burch (tied)
  • 7. Ralph Lauren
  • 8. Hugo Boss
  • 9. Louis Vuitton
  • 10. Michael Kors

Burberry reigned supreme when it came to likes for its Facebook page, as well, but the top 10 in terms of Facebook likes contained some different names, as the chart below indicates.

How these likes translate into purchasing decisions remains unclear, since transactions tend not occur immediately after someone clicks on the thumbs-up button.

Readers, how often do Facebook pages influence your choice of apparel?

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