Facebook: The Destination Of Choice For Olympic Viewers

According to a new report from Nielsen, Facebook was the top destination for Cable TV viewers who turned to the web to view the opening ceremonies of this year’s Winter Olympics. According to the report, 13 percent of the Cable TV audience who watched the Olympic opening ceremonies, also simultaneously watched them on the Internet.

Out of these viewers, an overwhelming 41 percent preferred to use Facebook, spending 16.1 minutes on the site. Google and Yahoo were the second and third most visited sites among web surfing Olympic viewers, winning 37.8 percent and 35.4 percent of the simultaneous viewers, respectively. However, when it came to the time spent, Google and Yahoo trailed Facebook by a wide margin with users spending an average of 3 minutes on Google and 6.9 minutes on Yahoo. (It’s important to note that Google measures their success in terms of reducing the time you spend on their site.)

Nielsen believes that the trend of simultaneously viewership would only accelerate in the future. According to the report:

Simultaneous use of TV and PC, particularly on sites such as Facebook and Google, demonstrates an opportunity for media companies to extend advertising engagement across screens as well as to enrich the overall viewer experience. Last week, an analysis found that 14% of Super Bowl viewers also spent time online during the game, at an average of 29 minutes per user. Nielsen expects to see this trend of simultaneous TV/internet usage continue its development through the Winter Olympics and during this summer’s FIFA World Cup Soccer event.

A hidden pointer in the report is the fact that Twitter didn’t managed to make it to the list of Top 10 destination sites for Olympic viewers. This is because, the primary and sole usage of Twitter is in news distribution.

When it comes to being a complete package – no other web site comes close to Facebook, which together with its status updates, photos, videos, fan pages and other social tools offer an elaborate set of features for everyone and every occasion. This is one of the many reasons why the International Olympics Committee decided to use Facebook as an online hub for the Winter Olympics.

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