Facebook, MySpace Rivals No More?

Once upon a time, MySpace was vying to stave off the hyper-growth of an upstart social networking property called Facebook.

Even after Facebook caught and eclipsed MySpace, there was a brief period where the two seemed destined to be rivals for years in the race to turn social eyeballs into ad dollars.

Now, as the gap between the two sites ever widens (in July, Facebook reached 145.5 million unique users vs. 60.7 million for MySpace), their rivalry has diminished. So much so that MySpace today unveiled a product integration called Sync with Facebook.

The offering allows MySpace users to connect their accounts and their various communications directly to their corresponding Facebook profiles. For example, users can update their statuses on both sites simultaneously, and also share content with their circles of friends on both sites.

Similarly, artists and celebrities that use social networking sites to promote albums, movies or their own personal brands can use Sync with Facebook to share videos, links, photos and messages with their MySpace friends and fans who’ve officially “liked” them on Facebook at the same time.

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