Facebook Goes Massively Multiplayer: Parallel Kingdom

Massively multiplayer role playing game Parallel Kingdom debuted on the social network today.

Massively multiplayer role playing game Parallel Kingdom debuted on Facebook today.

Parallel Kingdom uses Google Maps to allow players to claim actual global territory, including their current and favorite locations.

Players team up to form kingdoms and challenge other players.

Facebook-specific features were also integrated into the social network’s version of the game, including:

  • Integration with the Facebook ticker so that players know when their friends are playing and can connect with them;
  • The ability to bookmark Parallel Kingdom for easy access from the news feed; and
  • Interactions such as sound bites that correspond with player actions, such as hunting, building flags, and battling monsters.

Justin Beck, co-founder and chief executive officer of Parallel Kingdom developer PerBlue, said:

People want to play games in the environment they are most comfortable with, be that mobile, the Web, Kongregate, or Facebook. We don’t want to make people jump over fences to enjoy Parallel Kingdom, and that means meeting our players where they are. Thousands of users have already joined during beta, and since launching on these new platforms, the community is growing quickly.